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Cristo Rey Jesuit High School never should have opened. Wise and cautious people with lots of experience should have explained to the school's founders, the Chicago Province Jesuits, that their audacious plan for opening a college preparatory high school for low income students in one of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods simply wouldn't work. Detractors, who repeatedly pointed out that no school like this had ever succeeded, should've been able to convince them not to even bother trying. Those naysayers, after all, were right. No school like this had succeeded. In fact, no school like this had even been attempted. The Jesuits, though, weren't swayed. They saw a need and believed this unconventional approach to education was their best shot at responding to the need. They were right. The school they started has changed the trajectory of the lives of countless students and sparked a resurgence in inner-city Catholic education in the United States. Their work is inspiring proof that a small group of people can change the world. More than a Dream tells the incredible story of the school they created and how it has changed the lives of four of its students.

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